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Perchin for MS Fundraiser Perch Tournament - A Huge Success

Sibbald Point Provincial Park, Lake Simcoe: Despite almost constant rain and miserable fishing conditions, an astounding 78 teams competed in the first annual PERCHIN FOR MS Fundraiser Perch Fishing Tournament Sat. March 5, 2011.

"I was completely flabbergasted that so many anglers came out to fish this event," said host and organizer Doug Poirier. "These anglers all heard the same weather forecasts we did - and all knew the rains were coming. They decided to fish anyway and although they got wet, they did not let the rain dampen their spirits," he said.

Perchin for MS Rules

  1. Participants may fish by themselves or with a Team Member. See exception - Rule #18
  2. No third party fishing during the event. Each team must fish alone.
  3. Non-tournament anglers inside the tournament boundaries (these will be marked and identified prior to start) shall not catch and give fish to contestants. Contestants cannot fish with non-tournament anglers. Contestants will be disqualified if they are found to be fishing with non tournament anglers or accept fish from anyone else.
  4. Teams will be allowed to weigh-in ten (10) perch only. Fish that are being weighed should be kept in a five gallon bucket with water to cover the fish. (Teams may keep their legal limit of fish, but only weigh in their top 10)
  5. There is no limit to the number of holes participants can drill. Participants can fish in any open hole, but with a maximum of two lines per person at any one time.
  6. Participants must fish within the designated tournament area that is marked and set out.
  7. Participants may fish with or without a portable fish house. Contestants cannot fish in a permanent existing (on ice) ice fish hut unless rented from the tournament itself. ** Please see definition at the bottom of a portable fish hut**
  8. Pre-fishing on the lake the day of the tournament is prohibited.
  9. During legal fishing hours on tournament day, team members cannot fish more than 60 paces away from one another.
  10. All contestants are subject to a full inspection by official judges the morning of the tournament or at any time a PFMS official requests. If you refuse to allow inspection, you will not be allowed to enter and forfeit entry fee. Inspections start at 6:30 am. (Have everything opened and ready for the inspector.)
  11. Tournament organizers have the authority to request fishermen move to another area if they feel safety is a concern.
  12. All motorized equipment and related equipment must be in safe and proper running order. (Ministry laws require you use a solid tow bar when pulling sleds, huts, etc on the ice)
  13. You must return to the designated tournament weigh station by 1:00 PM with all your fish ready to be weighed. There is a penalty of half a pound per every five minutes you are late getting off the ice.
  14. Live Bait will be allowed.
  15. Contestants must have a valid fishing licence and must abide by all Ontario Fishing Regulations and special rules announced by the Perchin For MS organizers. Tournament organizers have the right to ask for this licence.
  16. No alcohol or drugs will be allowed in your possession or to be consumed during the event. If you are found to be in violation, you may be disqualified and forfeit your entry fee.
  17. Organizers have the right to cancel the event or change tournament venue or boundaries at anytime due to safety. If the event is cancelled, a prize draw will be held. All money raised will still be donated.
  18. OPTION - Special "Family" Teams (adult with 2 children 14 and under) may also participate and can do so for the same cost as a regular two person team - with their largest 10 perch (per family) eligible.
  19. Electronic sonar and cameras can be used
  20. Registration will be restricted to a maximum of 250 teams. Organizers have the right to close registration any time at their discretion.
  21. Any unsportsmanlike conduct, unsafe acts or failure to adhere to the tournament rules can result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.
  22. Upon the start of the tournament and after being inspected, teams are not permitted to return to their vehicles before weigh in.  If a team must return to their vehicle for any reason, they must have a tournament marshal with them at all times.
  23. Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse or deny entry.
  24. All Tournament Director rulings are final.
  25. Tournament Director has the right to amend rules and regulations as they see fit without notice.
  26. Tournament entry is non-transferable.  Entry cannot be re-sold or transferred.  Tournament Director is only person who can approve transfer of entry or changes in entry.
  27. Tournament Director may hold back one entry for the Last Chance Auction.  This will be done at the Directors discretion.
  28. Any contested "Big Fish", may be tested for illegal substances, internal or otherwise, for verification. If intentional tampering to increase the weight of any fish is confirmed, it will result in immediate disqualification and a permanent ban on fishing any future PFMS events for both members of the Team in question. Any fraudulent intent will be met with strict legal prosecution.
  29. Contestants may be permitted within the tournament boundary prior to 8 am. There will be NO DRILLING OF HOLES OR FISHING PRIOR TO 8 am.  If you are found drilling holes or fishing prior to 8 am, the tournament Marshalls have the right to make you move locations. If you do not abide by their direction, you may be disqualified and forfeit your entry fee.

1. Protests must pertain to specific rules violations.
2. Competitors wishing to make an official protest must do so by
reporting to the Tournament Director immediately before
3. Protests will be heard by the Tournament Director ONLY, at
such time and in such manner as the tournament director
4. All decisions of the Tournament Director shall be final and
5. Violators of any of the above-mentioned PFMS rules shall be
subject to:
* disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.
All decisions of the Tournament Director shall be final and binding.

Portable fish hut: Only Commercial Portable Fish Huts made of cloth material that comply with fire rating
laws may be used. EXCEPTION: If you have a homemade hut, and you wish to seek permission for your portable hut to be used, you must arrange with tournament director and present for approval. Only homemade huts with prior director approval may be used!
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