2020 Registered Teams

If you can't find your team on the list below, please contact us Please attach a copy of your payment and confirmation email.

Team Name Registration Date Captain 2nd Member
1 Outlanders 2019-11-10 Lincoln Gagnon Kris Vowels
2 Double L's 2019-11-10 Lee Page Linda Gallus
3 The Drews 2019-11-10 Andrew Drew Mckey
4 Windsor Boyz 2019-11-13 Joe Beauparlant Tim Ducharme
5 O'G Perch Bangers 2019-11-13 Ryan O'Gorman Shawn O'Gorman
6 Border Busters 2019-11-16 Mike Cormier Evan Durepos
7 Ginja Ninja 2019-11-16 Ethan Durepos Wendy Durepos
8 Catch Em All 2019-11-16 Lyle Lilley Mike Walker
9 Salmon and Gillfunkle 2019-11-17 Tyler Lendreville Raymond Lendreville
10 Love To Fish 2019-11-19 John Delicata Vlado Crljen
11 Smokin LIPS 2019-11-23 Garret Gardiner Matt Bates
12 The Vienneau’s 2019-11-24 Martin Vienneau Jordyn Scott
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