About Doug Poirier

Doug Poirier

Doug Poirier the organizer was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in Late 2009.  Doug began to lose balance and strength in his legs which gradually became worse to the point of using walking aids on occasion. 

Doug is an avid outdoorsman who loves to fish and hunt.  He also enjoys promoting the outdoors and the sports of both hunting and fishing...hence the Fishing Derby as a fundraiser for MS.  In October of 2010, Doug was also lucky enough to go to Poland and have the CCSVI treatment with AMEDS Centrum.  The proceedure has really given Doug some great improvements in his balance and leg strength.  Hopefully Doug will continue to improve and beat MS. 


Kevin Gittens, Assistant Director Perchin for MS

Kevin Gittens

Kevin Gittens, the Assistant Director, is an outdoor enthusiast. Living his entire life in the Lake Simcoe area, his passion for fishing and hunting was passed on to him, from an early age, through his family. Kevin is an executive member of his local BASS club where he was a former tournament director and has been an organizer/director of many fishing tournaments.

After missing the first Perchin for MS event, due to prior commitments, but hearing so much positive feedback, he made it a point to clear his calendar in order to become a participant the following year. Impressed with the enthusiasm of the participants as well as the cause the event served, he approached the organizers and made a commitment to comeback as a part of the organizing committee the following year.  Kevin was appointed the position of Assistant Director in the 4th year of the event, a position in which he continues to enthusiastically maintain.

“Perchin for MS is an incredible event with an atmosphere in which anglers of all levels and abilities can feel comfortable participating. This is the only event, I know of, where you will find anglers ranging from first timers to tournament professionals participating in the same event. Seeing all these people come together, fishing and supporting a great cause is an experience in itself that I would encourage anyone, participating or not,  to come and witness it for themselves”

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