Liability Release Form

Registration Form/Liability Release Form

A. In signing this application, we understand and will abide by the rules set for this tournament and are enclosing entry fees. We hereby release the Perchin for MS organizers; its officials, the tournament hosts, sponsors, agents and all other contestants (hereinafter referred to as PFMS et al) from any and all claims of injury and/or material and bodily damages in connection with the tournament.

B. Covenant not to sue and waiver of subrogation. We further agree that we will never sue PFMS et al for damages on account for any injury we suffer or cause whether known now or which may develop in the future. We expressly agree to indemnity PFMS et al or any insurance carrier for all claims that they may pay on our behalf. Any and all litigation will be held in the country of residence of the organizers of this event, expressly, the Region of York, in the Province of Ontario.

We state that we have personal medical/hospital insurance.

I also agree to inspection of my equipment and submit to a search of personal tackle and clothing for concealment of game fish. An automatic disqualification and lifetime ban from this event will me imposed upon being found at fault at any intentional rule violations.

We agree that the Perchin for MS Committee may photograph us, in connection with this tournament and may use said photographs and our names in any commercial use without our written consent or compensation.

TEAM NAME_____________________________________
(Captain) Name ___________________________
Address ___________________________________
Town ____________________________________
Prov/State _________________________ Postal Code _______________________________
Signature ________________________________Date:______________________________
2) Name___________________________________
Address _________________________________
Town ____________________________________
Prov/State __________________________Postal Code _______________________________
Signature _________________________________Date: __________________________
Capt.Phone No. ________________________E-Mail________________________________
Team Member Phone No. ________________________E-Mail___________________________

The PERCHIN FOR MS tournament is a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis and to assist those with MS.

This is an event for fun! Notice: Cash prize amounts are subject to number of participants and special prizes offered.

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