2017 Perchin for MS Ice Fishing Tournament is going to a draw!

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For Immediate Release: February 25, 2017

It is with great disappointment that we announce the following:

With public safety concerns being at the forefront due to the current weather and change in ice conditions, we are making the decision to cancel the fishing component of the tournament this year.

The current ice conditions on Lake Simcoe out of Sibbald Point Provincial Park do not support a safe environment for the large number of participants expected. (500 plus).

We will therefore be going to a draw for cash and prizes as per tournament rules and past precedents.

The day will include the draw for cash and prizes, Barbeque, auctions and some fun raffles. Teams must be present to win cash and prizes.

Please arrive after 11am. The draw and Auctions will begin to take place at 12:30.
Please see our website for further details on the auction and day of events


PERCHIN FOR MS - Lake Simcoe's Premier Ice Fishing Event March 4, 2017 - Sibbald Point Provincial Park

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For The Cause

Perseverance, determination, and a little persistence…together with a positive attitude is what contestants of the 7th Annual Perchin for MS needed.  Well…it is what contestants of this fishing tournament have always needed.  Contestants have been faced with rain, gale force winds, blowing snow and this year -16c temperatures.  And again…they didn’t even get to fish.  Instead due to unseasonable temperatures, rain and poor ice conditions for the second year in a row, 400 participants showed up for a draw.


2017 Registered Teams

If you can't find your team on the list below, please contact us Please attach a copy of your payment and confirmation email.


Team Name Registration Date Captain 2nd Member
1 Esnagami 01-11-2016 Kris Waldemar
2 Double "V"   Paul Valeriote Mike Valeriote
3 Souljah Squad   Brad Slaney Jason Malfara
4 The Souljah Army   P. Celebs Ronnie Z.
5 One Fish Two Fish   Gary Schissler Geoffrey Schissler
6 Perchin-Nings 02-11-2016 Tim Macdonald Ryan Ogorman
7 :Brake   Alan Brake  
8 Iceholes 03-11-2016 Martin Pepin Keith Dickey
9 Intermediate Baiters   Brian Dhanpaul Dave Hogan
10 Kensington Keepers 04-11-2016 Cody Kemp Nick Gorny
11 :Perch Slayers   Domenic Gullace Daniel Veloce
12 Team Bonk 05-11-2016 Nick Lacombe Adam Challice
13 :Let R Dangle   Shane Wilson Garry Lent
14 Lets Fish 07-11-2016 Gary Moore Randy
15 One Man Gang   Joey  
16 Hodge Podge   Brad Hodgson Clint Carleton
17 Fin Slayers 09-11-2016 Mathew Stoer Gord Copland
18 Maximum Meat 11-11-2016 Lee Foster Will Dennie
19 Black Dogs 12-11-2016 Doug Wood Paul Mullin
20 Hook A Jumbo 13-11-2016 Chris Simpson Dan Power
21 Ward Joe and Emily 14-11-2016 Ward  
22 Frozen Nutz   Matt Mitchell Maksim Svetlakov
23 Mumbo Jumbo 15-11-2016 Lee-Ann Monaghan Jeff Marceau
24 Wildthymes   Robert Banfield Peter Drzazga
25 Team Howick   Bary Howick Bec Dancey
26 Aquaholics 17-11-2016 Ryan O'Connor Kyle Merrilles
27 Fin Addicts 18-11-2016 Chris Mulligan Kyle Johnston
28 My Little Thunderstick   Ron Mori Josh Bowins
29 Hey Duggee   Donald Lockhart Doug Smith
30 Glue Crew 19-11-2016 Dusty Walker Kyle Walker
31 Thin Ice 20-11-2016 Michael Barker Mark Hollywood
32 Perch & Destroy   Johnny Capitelli Marco Marcelli
33 Hot Grease Release 21-11-2016 Curtis Gillis Jon Dubblestine
34 Team Royal 22-11-2016 Sandy Young Laura Rackham
35 Team Power   Alex Young Alexander Young
36 Rippen Lips   James Van Kerkhoven Sean Burbidge
37 Pole Position   Scott Bannerman TBA
38 Deli Dash 24-11-2016 Scott Russ
39 Git R Done 28-11-2016 Cole Roffey Ryan Soper
40 Live Action   Neil Hunter Jeff Blair
41 Team Shimini   Yvonne Brown Tom Brennan
42 Fish Farmer 30-11-2016 Dave Steeves Glenn Moncrieffe
43 Onions, Butter, Garlic 01-12-2016 Spencer Slaney Rick Gassmann
44 Team Boom   Coady Grant Bryan Kelly
45 GHOC 03-12-2016 Harvey Velix Warren Daury
46 Dad & Son 06-12-2016 Kevin Francis Scott Burns
47 Team Magna 07-12-2016 Roy Bednar Unkown for now
48 The Eyes Have It   Anna McInnes Scot McInnes
49 Alphamales 08-12-2016 Brad Dietrich Mark Risbridger
50 Jambalaya/Jumboliar   Kevin Summers TBA
51 Pail of Dinks 09-12-2016 Les Jasmer Marc Pividor
52 Simcoeice 10-12-2016 Jeff Bell Family Team
53 Dragon Pearch   Sergei Ganchorka Papka Volodymyr
54 Nunyer Beezznus   Bronsyn Walker-Martin Brent Martin
55 SOD 11-12-2016 Mike Dwyer Peter Evans
56 The Cooksbay Kings 12-12-2016 Matt Tolchard Guy Geertsma
57 GuppyMaster 13-12-2016 David Gouthro John Landry
58 Team Time On The Water   John Whyte Roy Adams
59 One Out Of The Money   Wayne Nelson Avirelle Nelson
60 Perchin for Chay   Robert Johnstone Jeff Hall
61 Team Jummies   Dan Hunter Vernon Jarvis
62 The Girlz 14-12-2016 Sarah Gerard Margaret Gerard
63 Team Gerard   Gerald Gerard  
64 The Slab Grabber's 16-12-2016 Sean Young Erian Zejnelovski
65 Perch Pimps 17-12-2016 Nick Powell Mike Russo
66 Auqaholics Anonymous   Brett Kelly Anthony Veltri
67 The Squad 18-12-2016 Kenneth Chesney Whitney Slattery
68 2 Ice Churchs 19-12-2016 Richard Mike
69 Das Ice Berg 20-12-2016 Dirk Kieffer Frank Spagnuolo
70 Perch Virgins 23-12-2016 Mike Russo Dave Filipuzzi
71 Team Meegs Lures 26-12-2016 Justin Girard James Meger
72 Braeden's MS Busters   Reg Lilly Braeden Long
73 Ice Age   Paul Schronk Kendra Sherridan
74 Perch King   Rob Mike
75 Short Rods 27-12-2016 Scott Grshdme Shane King
76 Durham Destroyers   Lee Taylor Rick Smith
77 Fishin Majicians 28-12-2016 Brad Kevin
78 Fishaholics   Russell Jon
79 Anchor Management 29-12-2016 Jason Larmer Scott Grondin
80 Bait and Switch 30-12-2016 Lou Ian
81 Niagara Buckboys   Tim Reece Shawn Richards
82 Perch Assasins   Brian Chudobiak Rob Chudobiak
83 Live2Fish   Sergio Marson Adam Marson
84 Hespeler Bros   Vince Riemer Bryan Haney
85 Fish Whispers 31-12-2016 Drew Roger
86 Master Baiters   Jeff Costanzi Darren Gallagher
87 Bubba-Gump   Brian Hanshaw Mitch Phinney
88 Spoon Fed Perch   Terry Sararas Glynn Plantz
89 Perch Wizards   Martin Wales Elishia Porter
90 The Guthrie's 01-01-2017 Greg Guthrie Dave Guthrie
91 Drilling Holes   Kevin Pickering Joel Butcher
92 Parkdale-Perch-Hookers   Eric Moniz Donny Lourenco
93 Reeling Mac Attacks   Scott Mcdonald Scotty Mcdonald
94 Perch Wackers   Dina Emery Trevor Barr
95 Two Grumpy Guys   Will Berlenbach Dave Clyde
96 Team Antunes-Hudson 02-01-2017 Bradley Hudson Nuno Antunes
97 Search for Perch   Greg Charles Kaden Charles
98 Rice Rockets   Phuong Tran Matt Wong
99 Fireball Perch Slayers   Vic Richards Dale Richards
100 Brookies Fishing Crew   Jamie Cooper  
101 Big Fish, Little Fish   Tim Everson Chelsea Brazel
102 Slab Slayers   Chris Little Chuck Hopkins
103 Stink Bait   Jeremy Boyd Steve Oakley
104 Thrillas from Manilla 03-01-2017 Rob Whynot Todd Barnier
105 Just One More   Brent Way Dale Beattie
106 Flag Chasers & Pole Breakers   Jessi Drinkwalter Zach Drinkwalter
107 Reel Men   Dan Buncombe Mitch Papizzo
108 Clam Crushers   Brian Hoult Jay Mclure
109 Love to Fish 04-01-2017 John Delicata Vlado Crljen
110 The Hookers   Nick Stuempfle Josh Tritt
111 King Fishers   Terry King Jennifer King
112 Mac and Cheese 05-01-2017 Aaron Sarah
113 Slabgrabber   Al Russell David Chong
114 Fish 'N Chicks   Rick Soder Kristie Soder
115 Shake & Bake 06-01-2017 Filipe Caiado Manny Cordeiro
116 Lynden Mechanical Inc   Bob Roszell Larry Roszell
117 Bottom Feeders   Dave Williams Jake Williams
118 Whiskey Jigs 08-01-2017 Matt Hirstwood Jason Howes
119 Lowrance   Gerry Heels Tyler Helsel
120 Taste Like Chicken   Kevin Lynch Paul Lynch
121 Perch Pains   Aaron Law Rob Stewart
122 The Perchcicles   John Farquhar Bonnie Johnston
123 Perch4U 09-01-2017 Dwayne Anderson Steve Knox
124 How U Doin   Kyle Perry Lance Boyd
125 Nemo's Nightmare 10-01-2017 Joe Amy
126 Goodhuegang1 11-01-2017 Harland Goodhue Tyler Goodhue
127 Angle of the Dangle   Tony Amato Vince Amato
128 Perch"N"Destroy 12-01-2017 Drew Greatrex Ty Watson
129 Perch Nappers   Ken Napper Kim Willis
130 Two in the Hole   Randy Greatrex Zack Greatrex
131 Cookies   Clay Cook Greg Cook
132 G&G   Jim Venizelakos Cody Grahlman
133 Harder Than Hard 13-01-2017 Ryan Lane Brent Nystedt
134 4 Que   Josh Randy Adams
135 Baker Brothers 14-01-2017 Ron Baker Greg Baker
136 Lunker Landers   Glenn Nowell  
137 Perchin with Styles   John Styles Bill Graham
138 Jumbo Junkies   Tyson Crocker Chris Becker
139 Whoops!...Wrong Hole 15-01-2017 Ross Clarke Wayne Wesseling
140 Swain / Mccarroll   Colleen McCarroll Bob Swain
141 Perch busters   Wayne Styles Joseph Styles
142 Simcoe Slayers   Chris Kowaluk Rein Kowaluk
143 LBR 16-01-2017 Dylan Han Darren Boyd
144 Tuned Up For Perch   Stephen Crake Colin Crake
145 Argosgirl Outdoors 17-01-2017 Rebecca Vito Darrell Robinson
146 Andrew Cutler   Andrew Cutler Taylor Renshaw
147 DaddyO   Brian McLeod Olivia McLeod
148 Jays Ice Bungalows is a Scam   Liam Braiden
149 Ontario Woman Anglers Warriors   Catherine (Cat) Bodden Denise Roy
150 Team Brad   Brad Mansfield Phillip Van der Plog
151 Addicted   James Worwood Victoria Booth
152 Mucho Percho 18-01-2017 Rob Morley Luke Schkura
153 D&d Dad and Daughter   Kevin Smith Emma Fraleigh
154 Camp Chimo   Ross Benton Paul Benton
155 Drill Ttil It Squirts   Mike Brown Lexi Butler
156 South Brechin Redneck Federation 19-01-2017 Michael Ohlis Garreth Ohlis
157 Black Ice 20-01-2017 Jeff Dale Colin Taylor
158 Perchin Ain't Easy   Zach Kot Brian Nelson
159 HT Tackle 21-01-2017 Wil Wegman TBC
160 Team Blue   Frank Conte Vito Diamante
161 Randy's Riggers   Brent Valere Shawn Valere
162 Double D's 22-01-2017 Donny Linde Dan Bennett
163 Spare Parts   Jason Morris Ian Man
164 Fish Captains   Lee Page Linda Gallus
165 Fish Dix   Nam Cu (Nick) Ken Nguyen
166 Hunters 23-01-2017 Anthony Scarlin David Scarlin
167 Perch Pounders 24-01-2017 Mike Campese Alex Smith
168 Ice Team 25-01-2017 Colin Town TBA
169 Deep Fried 26-01-2017 Phil Curtis Lisa Curtis
170 Here Fishy Fishy   Rob Budnik Kelly Budnik
171 Simcoe Slayers   Dave Gibson TBD
172 Mudskippers 27-01-2017 Jody TBD
173 Pregnant Perch   Jesse King Mike Parna
174 No Fsh For You, S 30-01-2017 Gordon Stephen Kaven Holditch
175 Brew Crew   Derek G Matt S
176 Fish Whistle 31-01-2017 Andrew Graham Mike Rae
177 We're in trouble with the wives again!   Russ Watkins Sandro Perrone
178 Two Dudes   Paul Kirby Mike Lopushinsky
179 Team Korasak   Khemthong Korasak Joy Santisouk
180 Shake 'N Baked 02-02-2017 Derek Brown James Beaupre
181 Team Doins   Ben Big Canoe Alfie Porte
182 Perch Nappers   Jay Downey John Downey
183 Nothin but Jumbos 03-02-2017 Stephane Leroux Vincent Leroux
184 Linda's Loafers 04-02-2017 Josh Bowman Jeremy Beaton
185 Lake Erie Ladies 05-02-2017 Genevieve Ellis Michelle Somers

Tight Liners

  Ryan Oliveira Matt Carvalho
187 Team HUH?   Shane Wilson Dave Maslanka
188 Yellow Team   Scott Ballantine Erin Brown
189 Small Town Pursuits 06-02-2017 Caterina Legere James Wilkinson
190 Oats and Barley   Peter Pajos Linda Tae
191 The Haymakers 07-02-2017 Rick Hayward Beau Hayward
192 Perch Jerks   Jeff Phillips Phil Chapman
193 Team Fish   Paul Kindy Nicolas & Bryson (kids)
194 Mockstars 08-02-2017 Greg Issac Adams
195 In It to Win It   McKye Shaw Kieran Gillooly
196 We Like Em Jumbo   Jessica Shaw Kayla Gillooly
197 Fish Heads   Jason Barnucz Jeff McNeice
198 Letzumalloff 09-02-2017 Arron Fallis Jason Gordon
199 Ice Ice Baby   Davide Gianforcaro Daniela Soares
200 Jumbo Jiggin' 11-02-2017 Shawn Deegan Al Tenney
201 The StoneRidge Icemen   Randy Spenceley Darin O'Brien
202 Wet Dream 13-02-2017 Justin Howe Paul Kokkinis
203 Team Allen 14-02-2017 Tom Allen Mike Allen
204 Fillet Oh Fish 16-02-2017 George Icey/alexis
205 Pirchin for Fun   David Cordeiro Debbie Cordeiro
206 Idontknow 18-02-2017 Scott Macpherson Colby Anderson
207 Every Hole is a Goal!   Aaron Mckee Josh Ralph
208 Frosty Bottom Gals 20-02-2017 Melanie Dobosh Mikaela Swietlinska
209 Team B&C 21-02-2017 Brad Copping Carrie Blundell
210 Fishin Bros   Michael Cordeiro Davis Cordeiro
211 Reel Life 22-02-2017 Becky Gardhouse Chris Daley
212 Pen Pineapple Apple Pen   Adam Malfara Orlando Dibartolomeo
213 Hammertime   Mike Selman Pete Graham
214 Half Retired 23-02-2017 Mark R Phil R
215 Perch Poppers 26-02-2017 Kim Munroe Jenn Dunbar
216 Perca Flavescens 27-02-2017 Tyler Russell Jeff Church
217 Team McQ 28-02-2017 Bill McHugh Mitchell McHugh
218 Team F & S Offline Richard Colangelo Michael Redden
219 Perch Necks   Larry Roulston Nick Poulter
220 Catch'n A Good One   Grant Timbers Jim Guppy
221 The Hamiltons   David Hamilton Jordan Anderson
222 R & R   Ralph Geniole Rick Cadeau
223 The Happy Hookers   Anne Marie Beeforth Deborah Foisy
224 Goobie   Vince Goobie Lee Goobie
225 Brooklynn   Chris Hiltz Brooklynn Hiltz
226 Ram Rod   Rob Spragg Chad Mainprize
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